Eclipse of Pearl Harbor

“The Eclipse of Pearl Harbor”

Today the United States was brought to a stand still

The New York skyline will never be the same

Thousands of people were injured and many more were killed

Already the citizens of the U.S. are searching for blame


A country stands in shock unable to convey what they are thinking

Government leaders try to provide reassurance and hope for tomorrow

People are glued to their television sets without blinking

Strangers are hugging strangers and there is an overwhelming feeling of sorrow


People are crying out have you found him, is he okay

Others stand in awe of what has just taken place

Fireman and volunteers shake their heads not knowing what to say

The mood and emotion is shown on each and every face


There are no more survivors all those remaining are surely dead

Families of the victims walk away defeated and alone

We’ll keep looking, there must be someone left says a fed

At the end of the day many return to an incomplete home


Children ask where mommy and daddy are

Sisters and brothers search the hospital and the street

All that remains is ash, broken glass and a badly damaged car

The only sound you hear is the pounding of thousands of hearts and feet


As the smoke lifts the twin towers no longer stand

The pentagon is vacant and fires still blaze

The sports arenas are deserted and there is no band

The nation is enveloped in a type of panic craze


All around the nation people bow their heads in prayer

Everyone is on the phone trying to talk to a family member or a friend

Shock is evident as people can’t do anything but stare

The most important question arises, is this the end



 Will the United States declare war on those who planned this onslaught

What is to become of our once booming economic state

How long will the war have to be fought

Will the U.S. embark on its victory or its fate

I was actually surprised that this had not already been shared on this site…Today marks 14 years since the act of terror that stopped the U.S., for just those few moments after the 1st plane we believed it was an accident. The moment the second plane was spotted there was fear, but still optimism. Optimism fled the moment that 2nd plane impacted the tower and we (as Americans) knew terror had reached our soil as many perished that day.

Every year there is the ‘moment of silence’ observed, the flags are lowered to half mast across this country, and ceremonies are held across the U.S. Today, I can’t help but think about the incredible amount of noise just before and at impact. It’s hard for me even 14 years later to comprehend what all those who lost their lives that day were doing just moments before…moments before U.S. History and the entire country changed. Some may have just arrived after dropping off children at school. Others altered their plans slightly this day and didn’t arrive when they planned and thus lived. Even those inside the building some chose to not go up to a higher floor. Some were making plans, maybe regarding dinner that evening, but others about life altering events.

All those lives and the U.S. holding it’s breath as another plane hit the Pentagon while the 4th plane was thwarted from its’ White House target costing all those passengers their lives…heroes, so many heroes and heroic acts and moments we will never know occurred on that Tuesday while across the country moments of quiet compassion were shared with strangers. Elementary classes sitting on a reading carpet, heads bowed momentarily in prayer before play resumes, college students gathered in the Student Union intramural games and tests suddenly unimportant as the 1st tower fell and then the incredible terrified awe as the second collapsed just moments later…I remember that moment I remember the shock, the fear and the overwhelming sadness. You could see people jumping trying to escape the building only to lose their lives as they impacted the ground.

I wrote this all those years ago, but find it poignant as it was written in the moment it’s my story of thoughts/emotions on 9/11 and as I share it with you I realize there are millions of stories, perspectives, thoughts regarding this day.

Sometimes words don’t require pictures instead they recall them to your mind…What do you see as you read this? I see the battered U.S. flag hoisted at the site, images from the day scattered throughout the media, and the moment the ‘sleeping giant’ woke up and began to fight back. What a different U.S. we live in today after this ‘shaping’ moment in history. Always Remember and always remain ‘proud to be an American’

God Bless the USA ❤


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