Words speak…Do you hear them?

Have you ever stopped and listened to the world around you? Ever tried to really hear it? If you’re being honest it has probably been a while…If we are all honest it is probably an area we could all improve in.

Sound, activity, plans…they are wonderful things, but they also can distract us from ourselves. How well do you know yourself? It may seem an odd question, but in reality it is a relationship that could use more focus. I love to write…I enjoy it and find it fulfilling, but I don’t do it as often because it causes me to reflect and pause when most days I’m just trying to make it through.

I don’t advocate this mentality nor am I proud of the fact I often times succumb to it, but in recent weeks I have come to acknowledge that words speak…Maybe they jump off the page and hold your visual attention as you reread. More likely though they speak to your heart, pulling at a thought or feeling unacknowledged and the most powerful words speak to our very soul.

Think about it…the most read, most translated and prevalent group of words is the Holy Bible and that consists of words conveying God’s love, the most powerful form and those words are targeted at the Christian’s soul.

Now I’m not likening myself to any of the great authors/storytellers that are striving for the next best seller. I’m talking to the individuals who have something to share and say to and about the world around them. Your words may speak to a heart that otherwise would remain in longing.

I acknowledge that…I write with that in my mind and I pray that the Lord does guide my hand and that I am a vessel conveying something that someone needs to hear. I have shied from ever sharing my work until this site and in recent weeks my own words have spoken to me.

I’m going to try to get my work out there…investigating creating greeting cards, publishing a poetry collection and sharing my words versus hiding from them. I don’t know if anything will come of it…but I would be remiss to not try.

I truly believe words do speak…Will you listen?


One thought on “Words speak…Do you hear them?

  1. yes indeed words do speak but as humans as we are it does take a while for us to listen
    all the best with your pieces and work and may God continue to guide you as you reach out to people

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