Tractor Tracks

I’m a Texas country girl…actually 6 generations strong. I grew up riding horseback in the pasture, watching for snakes, shucking corn, and riding on my daddy’s tractor.
The tracks left behind the initial plow were then planted with various seeds…but it all started with the tractor. Once my dad even plowed my name across the cornfield. Now Dad’s tractor is looms in it’s green and yellow coloring on the back field. It’s a tool in my dad’s ranch box and a vital one, but the stories of what he has come across in the tracks are stories full of life (a hidden fawn) and the connection to God’s country.
“We manage the land…but can never truly own it…” ~My father
“Tractor Tracks”
By: Michelle Hailey
 A rooster crows as the tractor rolls from the barn to greet the day
Already the livestock have been watered and provided their morning hay
The rattle of the plough as it touches and breaks the ground
Startles the deer who were nearby sleeping sound
The owl makes it’s presence known with a hoot
As the farmer shifts pressing the brake with a well-worn boot
The toe tip is rubbed from heavy use and is nearly bare
While the shaft has gouges, blood stains, and a well pronounced tear
Wide tire treads are left behind
They are footprints of another kind
A snake slithers across the tilled ground
Curling tighly to emit a rattling sound
You can see hogs rooting in the dry earth
Counting cows you discover #200 has recently given birth
There are hunters target shooting by the old windmill
The air is hot today and the wind remains still
There are turkeys squawking in the creek just ahead
Off to your right a rabbit is lying dead
Its predator is crouched just behind the prickly pear
You can see the cats whiskers, but you don’t stare
Hours pass as the farmer works the land
Breaking up clay and grinding red sand
Seeds are scattered where soon rows of corn will grow
For before one can reap a harvest they must toil and sow
The work days are long here sun up until darkness blankets the sky
Then it’s early to bed as another day on the farm awaits nigh
A farmers life is hard work, steeped in blood, sweat & tears
The product of that work can be enjoyed for years upon years

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