The year that drags on and flies by…

My dear followers…If any of you remain out there, I thank you. Beginning in December my family and I have suffered great losses. Yes, that is meant to be plural. I had decided shortly after my Savannah trip that I am ready to return to Texas…it’s time.

Since then I have been applying weekly to different positions that will take me home, but the applications continue and I struggle to remain optimistic. I no longer am passionate about my job and quite frankly with the slew of changes in policy and procedure have to literally psych myself up to enter the building. To add ‘insult to injury’ I also lost both of my grandparents within 31 days of each other. My mother had to say goodbye to not just one parent, but both…

A bright spot…I am going to be an Aunt for the third time, but the 1st to a niece.So a life leaves the family and another will enter.  The loss of my grandfather was significantly more difficult for me and I have yet to ‘write’ my way through it. I have been so focused on just surviving that I have neglected my ‘writers voice’. I am presently collecting my works to review/edit and combine them into a simple coffee table type edition.

Perhaps with my own words staring me in the face I will find the next step and my next truth…WE are strangers on this site, but I ask for prayer as I feel that it has been struggle after struggle and the hope  dimmed. I do promise to in the next month make a diligent effort to share more of my voice with you all…sometimes it can be a comfort to know your voice is seen and your story is shared.

God Bless,


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