Wave on…

So occasionally we find ourselves in ‘lows’ in life…Times where we are uncertain, looking for direction or just overall dissatisfied with life as it stands. That is where I find myself and it has infiltrated things like posting pictures or for that matter even updates (as evidenced by the last post date on this blog); I’m not sure how to change my present course, but I am certain that I still enjoy exploration/travel and that if/when I settle it will be because I am ready to do so…

Off my soapbox now (LOL) I have travelled a bit since I last checked in and one of the places was Savannah, GA and I have to say the scenery and landmarks in this city are quite the sight to behold:

Savannah Waving Girl

“Wave on Savannah”

By: Michelle Hailey

The trees hang over the well-worn street

Walking the ‘squares’ makes for tired feet

Carriages are pulled lazily through town

While children play in the fountain with a smile never a frown


The waving girl beckons people to step on land

From the top of the Olympic marker you can still see her hand

A city rich in history with antique stores scattered about

It is also the home of Julliett Lowe, the founding Girl Scout


There’s a lovely theatre with a young and talented cast

A century’s old ice cream parlor that has proven it will last

The headstones stand marred by the passage of years

Taverns are open to offer various wines and beers


The city is small creating an intimate and local feel

I can say from experience, you can also find a great meal

You won’t want for creativity as there are many opportunities to be had

These projects and artistry are created by students of SCAD


To sum up Savannah I would have to say

It stands a town where many find their own way.


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