Thanksgiving Prayer

“A Thanksgiving Prayer”

By: Michelle Hailey

Lord, Bless this family gathered around the table united hand in hand

Bless these hearts that mourn for those who have gone on to your Heavenly land

Be with each one as they send you their individual prayer

May you continue to remind and reassure us that you are always there


Thank you for the blessings you have brought to our life

Thank you for your comfort in our times of anguish and strife

Bless those who today are lonely and without a home

Thank you for this family who gathers so that no member is alone


Bless this food and this time together

I ask that you keep us strong so that there is no storm we can not weather

Bless our future and thank you for our past

Let us hold on to those happy memories so that they will always last


Give us the strength to continue to face this life day by day

Thank you for your love and your promise to never go away

Bless this Thanksgiving meal and this family today and in the days to come

I ask this in the holy name of Jesus Christ your son….Amen

*Thanksgiving is upon us…Time for some great food and some great “family” time. Growing up and even to this day when my family gathers around the table each member takes a moment to highlight what they are most ‘thankful’ for this year.  For me this will mark another Thanksgiving away from my family, but I am blessed to have friends, a second family here in NC, to share the meal and day with.

I actually wrote this several years back in memory of my departed cousin because it struck a chord with me that families of all shapes and sizes gather to start the ‘Holidays’ but for some their family is incomplete…I felt this was a universal prayer/plea for those missing someone rather by death/distance/illness/circumstance. I think that covers all.

Please feel free to share this prayer in your homes this week. I send it to my family, friends, and anyone who I think may glean something from it even if minute in scale.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you!!!


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