A Colorful Drive…


The Parkway of Color

By: Michelle Hailey

 The highway is alive with color the higher we go

An apple orchard promised but a dead-end says ‘no’

Further up the orchard finally comes into view

Picking apples off the tree, to this southerner is new


Baskets and wagons children running all over the place

Even adults poised in an apple picking race

The mountainside the setting for this activity and fun

Our journey to see fall color has just begun

Onward and upward the travelers drive

Colors in yellow and orange vibrant and alive

Taking a break to hike to Triple Falls

Photographing the spray and scaling waterfall walls

Still higher we climb watching colors fade

Then we find ourselves in the mountain bridge shade

The journey is not through there is more in store

Resting in a nearby town it’s time to explore

The following morning we are on our way

To enjoy lunch at a local bakery & café

Then we head to the Parkway the most scenic sight

We plotted our journey carefully the previous night


If we thought the drive was scenic up to this point

The Parkway elated us it did not disappoint

So much beauty it’s hard to take it all in

Vistas of color seemingly without end


Photos don’t do it justice though we took many that day

God’s perfect nature painting directed our way

Another town a delicious meal and a tantalizing treat

Weary but joyful we made the trip home…we were beat


What a wonderful experience this trip in this season

We are small in natures vastness, but are all here for a reason

*Being from South Texas fall colors still delight and excite me…One of my favorite drives is the Blue Ridge Parkway and along with a very dear friend I combined the two and made many memories.

The Mountains are truly where my soul rests and to see these in vibrant colors was an amazing experience. Add in a new experience of an apple orchard and even a Bald Eagle sighting and this was an incredible fall weekend.

Grateful for the journey and the reminder of God’s beauty…


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