Shades of the Season


“Seasonal Shades”

By: Michelle Hailey


I love to crunch the fallen leaves

As I stroll amongst nearly bare trees

To sit by the fire roaring bright

Roasting marshmallows’ and talking into the night

Pictures are full of more color so many shades

Amazing how quickly summer fades

Sweaters replace bathing suits and tank tops

Boots replace bare feet & flip-flops

Chili is on the stove and hot cocoa is the drink we sip

Pumpkin seems to be on every ones’ tongue tip

Holidays are on the horizon and travels plans are being made

Presents hastily purchased and family games once again played

Soon we will decorate for Christmas but for now scarecrows adorn the lawn

Pumpkins, gourds, the Thanksgiving Turkey will all be long gone

Coats will cover sweaters and for some snow will blanket the ground

Lending to its’ own unique seasonal sound


So enjoy this season of cooler temps before it turns cold

Around the fire with a Smore while ghost stories are being told

*Fall brings with it things we all look forward to…Perhaps it’s the cooler temps or the sounds of leaves crunching beneath your feet. Maybe it’s the fall foods…I can’t go anywhere without a recipe involving ‘pumpkin’ appearing (I don’t even like pumpkin).

Maybe fall is just a springboard into the Holiday season where we anticipate time with loved ones. Perhaps the change in attire is what you most anticipate or maybe the visual change in the landscape…

Whatever it is fall has found us once more…Get out and enjoy the season 🙂

What are some of you favorite things about this season? (Share your thoughts)


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