Plea to Hate

“A Plea to Hate”

By: Michelle Hailey

They’re his words, his cry

A plea to us to let him die

I hear it now, it’s his voice

Announcing to all his future choice

He begged us in his own way

To let him go not make him stay

Those words, ‘hate me’

Were a way for him to feel free

He wanted to escape the love

Escape forgiveness from above

In truth the words were his own

He hated himself and felt alone

Hurtful words meant to anger

To show he was now a stranger

Already lost to us though physically there

Struggling to make us cease to care

Running, fighting trying to get away

Finally succeeding on his dying day

But there was never hate only love

From his family and his father above

No more hate, safe from harm

He rests in the comfort of God’s arm

*There is no photograph to accompany these words for they are a plea from a family member that was lost to us and I have yet to find the photographic representation fitting these words. My heart still hurts knowing my younger cousin never saw his 21st birthday…Never became the man he could have been. I won’t make excuses or play what if’s as I have done that for years and must train myself to stop.

I will always miss the boy I grew up playing with and watching over, but his life is no longer and it is those of us left behind who will forever mourn and miss him. This poem is for those left behind for it is those who suffer; a loved one may struggle and that is sad for all to see but when there struggle ends it is tragic for those left behind for they are the ones that must pick-up the broken pieces and move forward.

In loving memory of my ‘brother’ ZLV


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