Which way???


By: Michelle Hailey

Standing still beneath a tree
Looking at the many paths and wondering which is the path for me
Should I go left or maybe right
Which one will give me less fright?

Maybe I should walk straight ahead or perhaps turn around
So many choices and no clear path to be found
A day is coming soon when I must choose
I have everything to gain and little to lose

Yet I remain debating which way to go
In the back of my mind perhaps I already know
A starting point a place to move on
The path that will lead me to where I truly belong

What if I screw up, what if I fail
What if my endless debating is to no avail?
So much uncertainty and fear
While waiting for a path that may never be clear

When you choose a direction to take
There will be many obstacles and decisions to make
Sometimes you jump and sometimes you soar
That’s what the path that leads home is for

Behind it all in the back of your mind
Is the path we all must find
Our path; our way to move on without forgetting where we start
The path that leads us back to our family and to our heart

So choose a path, make the call
Then remember the path home is there if you fall
Succeed, try, fail and then look around
There are many paths left for you to travel down

*”Two paths diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference”~ Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken)  This is perhaps the most well-know paths quote and it is so fitting for so many circumstances, but not all.

Sometimes in life there are proverbial paths maybe a path to the past and present or the past and future or paths forged by choices. I recently have found myself at such a crossroads. Though when this picture was taken I was literally on a trail a walk with my friends and the biggest choice was do I take the longer route and extend this time with them or cut it short and get to ‘dessert’ faster. I found that the true ‘dessert’ was conversation with my friends. I mean the ice-cream was a bonus and strangely fraught with even more conversation but sometimes it is the paths that lead to discovery, but those that take us on self-discovery are the ones I like least.

What paths do you struggle to overcome? Are there familiar paths of comfort?

I remember the pasture had a path well trodden by me and my four-legged companions I knew every nook and cranny it was a haven, a jungle, a playground, an escape; it was anything my imagination wanted it to be. That path was one of comfort/familiarity.

Hiking paths are paths of adventure as our roadways, they are paths to what’s next hence my passion for road trips and travel…Paths come in so many forms. Think of the Wizard of Oz…another famous path, ‘the yellow-brick road’.


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