Bridge Crossing (TT)


*Thumbnail Thursday on a Thursday wow…I feel so accomplished 🙂  This picture is actually from the West coast a beautiful garden that I had the opportunity to visit with my best friend. Taken in of all places a Japanese garden, in the center you can see the ‘friendship’ bridge. Very fitting with the quote…I was thinking as I do often how we don’t walk this life with only GOD, or our family, but also the wonderful blessing of friends who become ‘family’ at least if you are blessed as I know I have been.

As I have come into my adult years and moved away from family my friends have become a ‘pseudo’ family built out of choice and steeped in love. I have that select few that would literally walk with me through fire, across the bridges of life and for those people I am grateful.

I hope that each of you reading this has those people as well…Maybe it is a friend, spouse, family, whomever. We don’t have to cross the “bridges” of this life alone. That’s the real message.

God Bless!!!


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