Come swing with me…


“To and Fro”

By: Michelle Hailey

 Part of me would like to remain a child, forever swinging with my feet pointing towards the sky

With never a care or a worry as I watch the butterflies fly by

Suspended between time and space, marking the days by the number of times I swing to and fro

No phones, no computers, no schedules to keep just me choosing how high I want to go

What a time of innocence, bliss and glee

When you are forever swinging dreaming about what you’ll do and be

A child grows and the swing rusts as time goes by

The forever swinger though continues to reach for the sky

So pump your legs and stretch your mind as you swing through life in your own way

Never stop the to and fro motion that keeps you young as you recall it each and every day


*As a kid I loved to swing I would stretch my toes to the sky and pretend that I could soar that I would be able to fly away and see the world. Right there right from the Sesame Street backyard playground set…

As I grew up I would seek out amusement park rides that took me up in swings high above the pavement there is something freeing about not having the ground touching your feet.  I remember the poem “Birches” by Robert Frost. I used to love that piece of literature I always envisioned myself on a swing set.

Anyway the pic is actually a shot I took the other day on a walk around my apartment and then turned into a sketch courtesy of a new phone app I’m exploring PicsArt Photo Studio.

Swings are pretty much synonymous for me with childhood…What is something that reminds you of childhood?


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