Mile By Mile


“Mile by Mile”

By: Michelle Hailey

Always more questions than answers we want to hear

More doubt laced with anxiety, concern, and fear

We want a quick fix a ‘magic’ remedy or pill

No one wants to hear the journey will be one done uphill

Who want to hear wait or it will come in time

I’d venture to say as many as are content to wait in a long line

Truth is life is hard and there are days it knocks us down

Times we feel that we have been made God’s clown

It is not true for He loves us more with each breath we take

Kneeling with us comforting when our shoulders tremble and shake

I wish we felt it all the time it would be easier if it didn’t dissipate, steal from us like a wraith

Then again I think that’s why they call believing having ultimate FAITH

In pain we are blinded to truth, lost to ourselves and what we need

Thankfully we are forgiven of both this selfishness and greed

The challenge is not to answer every question nor skip every trial

It is to remember He walks beside us mile after mile…


* I have thought a lot about pain as of late…I suffer from daily migraines and I have an injury that in addition has caused pain in my IT band of my right hip for going on 8 months. In addition I like many have suffered various personal/family losses along with dealing with friends and family (including some in recent months) dealing with losses.

Bottom-line sometimes life feels like it ‘sucks’ we all go through those periods of life and I think it’s important to acknowledge that we have these questions, doubts and that some days we are just sick of the pain and hurt…but then we have to get up and power through it. Because at the end of the day we aren’t alone.

That’s what Mile by Mile is meant to do remind us of that very important fact. Because if we lose that fact it is then that we truly are ‘lost’…


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