Wishing for ‘dress-up’ days…


“A Daughter’s Loss”

By: Michelle Hailey

The silence is deafening as it bombards your ears

Hoping, praying that today there will be no more tears

A family gathers but feels completely alone

As they walk through the house that she made home

An abandoned shirt once worn with pride

Taking the item you go to your room to hide

You breathe in the scent, and breathe in the love

From the woman, your mother, watching now from above

Each day is a challenge each moment a fight

You struggle with your grief as day turns to night

Surrounded by questions, drowning in sorrow

Not sure that you can face yet another tomorrow

The world has continued on, spinning madly it may seem

Your world moves slowly and you wish it all to be a dream

You wake without sleeping and eat without thought

Trying to remember every detail, remember all that she taught

It’s hard to think right now to move beyond the anger and hurt

Easier to hide and stay wrapped in her favorite shirt

A heart does mend but the process is a slow repair

Aided by others who about you still deeply care

Lean on them let them envelope your body and mind

In them parts of your mother you are sure to find

She lives on in you for a mother’s love has no end

You will always be her little girl and most beloved friend


*I wrote this for a dear friend who tragically lost her mother the day after they had picked out her wedding gown…I am posting it ‘today’ for another friend who TODAY marks her mother’s birthday, but it is the 1st where there is no Birthday Girl to blow out the candles.

I had the good fortune and was blessed to know both these women…Wonderful mothers who adored their daughters, instilled values of compassion, courage, independence, right & wrong, and always made sure that these women knew they were loved. The missing birthday girl I personally grew up with as her daughter was my childhood BFF, so I had the opportunity to see her nature for years upon years, decades really.

A mother leaves an indelible mark on her daughter and some say the woman stops growing at the point in which she loses her mother. Ex: My grandmother lost her own mother at 13 and from a maturity standpoint never advanced beyond that mentality… However, you look at it the bond is unique and whether you butt heads constantly or count Mom a ‘best friend’ it is a relationship that once gone I can’t fathom nor do I want to fathom the ache left in its wake.

May my friend find some comfort today…and may anyone who has suffered a similar loss also find comfort.


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