Just one Day

4th of July 2012 010

“In One Day”

By: Michelle Hailey

The sun rises the sun will set

Maybe you saw your future mate but don’t know it yet

The roadways were congested the coffee was cold

A man passed away today; he was only 20 years old

Another child took its first breath

As a family mourned a beloved pets death

Thousands of young people attended school today

Other teenagers became today’s runaway

There was a shooting and a stabbing between former friends

Two brothers put aside their differences and began to make amends

There was a birthday party with a clown and balloon animals for everyone

At a senior center therapy dogs came and brought love with a lick of their tongue

The playground was full of children playing kick ball

There was also a hold up in the jewelry store of a local mall

A new puppy came into a child’s home

A once successful business man looks around realizing he is now cold and alone

Dinner around the family table stories told all around

Thousands of people sleep and eat on the cold concrete ground

A warm bed, a dry pillow and a kiss good night

So many others in the pending darkness experience fright

The sun has long set and the moon rests high in the sky

All around the world there are people laughing and others who cry

Good and bad surrounds us all everyday

There is tragedy and triumph seen in every way

We must comfort the hurting and celebrate with those who have good news

It’s important to acknowledge the success and treat the blues

Everyone goes through hardships and times of bliss

We all dread our first loss and anticipate our first kiss

There are no assurances no clear roads to take

Our lives, our journey is our choice to make

Watch the sun as it kisses the sky and lights the world each day

Make a decision now to thank the Lord each morning as you bow your head to pray

Thank him for the good in your life and also the bouts of trial

Remember to look for the positive and to always be able to offer a smile

Look around you and observe the people you pass in this life

One could be your future husband or your future wife

Life is a blessing we should all embrace

Remember that behind each day is God’s infinite grace


*How often do we take a sunrise for granted? Just think about everything that occurs over the span of one day…24 hours so many lives affected and changed. As a child I used to look in the windows of passing cars and make up stories about the lives of the people in those cars.

As an adult I wonder sometimes about the lives of people in the car next to mine. What did they learn that morning? Are they a newly engaged couple? A couple that’s been married 50+ years? New parents? A new driver? About to divorce? On their way to the hospital? Got a promotion? Headed to a funeral? Meeting their grandchild for the 1st time? Picking up a loved one?

Ever wonder whose in that car next to you or seated at the table beside you and what their day is or is about to entail???


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