Fun in the Sun


“Summer Shore”

By: Michelle Hailey

Sand between the toes

Sea air that tickles your nose

Shells strewn across the sand

Sun kissed couples walking hand-in-hand


A discarded towel with scattered flip-flops

Beach chairs draped in shorts and tank tops

Sunscreen left smeared on the ground

While seagulls emit their trademark sound


Sandcastles with motes made by buckets filled just so

Children deciding where the princess tower will go

Toddlers tasting the sand and parents wiping their tongue

This is what is known as having Fun in the Sun


Boogie boarders and surfers testing the waves to see if they can fly

Others lost in a good ‘beach read’, perhaps a sad story, and trying not to cry

Above the sun is shining down, smiling on all these lives

The sons, daughters, grandparents, friends, husbands and wives


Perhaps the summer shore provides a stolen moment of peace, an escape

Maybe it is the place where you have brought that special first date

It may be the shore is where you go to reflect, talk to the Lord above

The shore may just be a place for you that is all those things, a place you deeply love


*How many of us have a place we go to escape? For me it’s always been the water or the mountains…My heart is at the water, but my soul rests in the mountains. I always found that odd having been raised in South Texas where there were no Moutains, but I was inexplicably drawn to them.

Since I didn’t have access to the Mts. I sought the Lake (as I mentioned) or the shore. There’s something about the sea air on your skin and the sound of those annoying Gulls. When you are standing on the shore and looking into the Ocean, you realize the enormity of IT and thus how small YOU are…Kind of gives you a moment’s pause.

I can remember being a little girl, building sandcastles with my Daddy at some place called South Padre and my mother would swim out past the second sand bar which in my mind was so far away and Dad and I would watch her and I was afraid the enormous Ocean would take my Mommy away. Now she always came back, but as a kid I was overwhelmed by the scope of the water I knew it made me feel small, but it made my mom small too and that was scary because to a kid your parents are BIG and can take on anything…

Now, living in NC when I get overwhelmed by the enormity of life I’ll still go to the shore and look to the Ocean which is always even bigger than whatever my struggle is…helps with perspective.

How do you put things in perspective?


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