Rock-a-bye baby…


*On occassion in addition to poems I like to write shor quotes, sayings or thoughts and attach them to my pictures. I thought I would call these my “Thursday Thumbnails”…


This particular rocker held a lot of significance to my childhood best friend, her grandfather used to rock her in it as a little girl. He was a ver significant and impactual man in her life. This was taken on her wedding day…He had long since passed, but this was her way to have him ‘there’ that day. This rocker is now in her and her husbands’ home where she hopes to rock her own babies and grandbabies to sleep one day.

I used to love to be rocked to sleep myself, I can still remember the comfort I found in my mother, father and granfather’s lap. There’s no feeling in the world like that kind of ‘security’. I hope to have an old ‘rocker’ one day…


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