Wanderer’s Mailbox


“Wanderer’s Mailbox”

By: Michelle Hailey

A symphony of shells triggered by the wind
Play where many visit, seeking out a friend
The once white boat seat is torn and marred
Pondering that first penned word is sometimes hard

Set low to the ground this box is a beacon of hope
For those lost and wandering hearts just trying to cope
The starfish handle locks the secrets inside
Feelings and thoughts that would otherwise hide

The sand is warm and the ocean beats the shore
Amongst the vastness one wonders, what’s in store?
The box does not answer but the words inside do
Encouraging each visitor ‘to thine own self be true’

There are stories littering each and every page
Some of a peace, loss, and others of rage
A scared mother, an elated lover
Or the sad tale of a lost sister or brother

It’s safe to vent at the box in the sand
To share your story, pen in hand
Casting off worries and shedding tears
Gets us all through our difficult years

So share your story, share your heart
Let the ‘mailbox’ help you start…


*I found this mailbox at the end of a beach in NC…Legend goes it used to be how a mother and son wrote letters to one another. The mother got sick and the son continued to write letters and then bring them to his mother from the mailbox. His mother passed, but the son maintained the mailbox as a place where others could write letters to loved ones or to no one…Now people come a leave letters they write to the mailbox like ‘Dear Diary’ style sharing secrets, silly stories, or heartfelt confessions. Whatever the true story of the mailbox it is a place I have visited several times since…Do you have a place you go to write???


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