Le Tour Eiffel

Le Tour Eiffel

“City of Light”
By: Michelle Hailey
Here stands the Notre Dame with gargoyles perched all around
As in the distance the Tour de Eiffel towers high above the ground
A ferris wheel illuminates the gardens infront of the Musee de Louvre
On the Champs de Lysee tourists and locales are all on the move
People are taking pictures infront of the L’Arc
Children and runners are enjoying the day in a nearby park
Along the Seine are river cruises that run day and night
You can’t help but call this place the city of light
This city with it’s shops, sights and feel
Is known to attract lovers with its certain appeal
The Mona Lisa’s smile draws people in like a moth to a flame
After experiencing this city you feel no other can be quite the same
The french language wafts from the sights to the street
You are immeadiately enchanted by each local you meet
For it is the language of love that captures & brings you in
If given the opportunity you vow to visit it again
Au Revoir Paris and merci beaucoup
For the memories made while visiting you
*This was written to commemorate a trip I took with my best friend in 2008. I had studied the French language throughout high school and college but it wasn’t until I was standing in the Louvre museaum reading plaques after just viewing the Mona Lisa that I realized I had retained any of it. What a wonderful time to have been able to apply my knowledge. It was a truly enriching experience to climb to the top of the Notre Dame, stroll along the Champ de Lysee, see the Tower from the L’Arc de Triomphe and then from up close. From the cheese and croissant breakfast to interacting with locals, to the walk along the Seine at night to find the train. It was an adventure I was blessed to spend with my best friend and it will be a time where memories were made that I will forever cherish.
That’s what my poetry is it captures my life stories in words so that I never forget how I felt, what I saw and did…It’s a snapshot in words to accompany my endless captured ‘snapshots’. I think of poetry as a picture of your soul.
I hope you will enjoy sharing in some of mine…

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